Discount My Way

Lead Generation Solutions specializes in bringing the buyer and seller together. With our cutting edge technology DiscountMyWay will change how retailers do business with shoppers. It is technology making life easier. Retailers need a way to increase sales and get better results from their advertising spend, and shoppers want information and incentives before they spend money these days. 


The concept is simple: DiscountMyWay allows shoppers to utilize their smart phones to propose a purchase and request an instant discount from the retailer. 


The shopper no longer has to wait for specific sales or coupons to be offered by the business and is given the satisfaction of negotiating a deal for what they want with the immediacy of the barter system. 


The retailer receives the request and checks it against sales numbers and inventory, so that they can approve, deny, or meet the shopper somewhere in the middle with a modified discount.


Today, social media and smart phones are the way the consumer will let you in. When you provide product selection, timely knowledge, and discounts, the shopper will let you move in. Retailers have a huge opportunity to connect directly with key demographic shoppers while they are at the mall and near their store via their smart phone.  


With DiscountMyWay, retailers can now interact when the shopper wants it; no longer are companies forced to rely on interrupting people with a TV commercial or a pop-up ad. The interaction is meaningful, welcomed, and at the exact moment a shopper is looking to make a purchase. There is no better time to reach the shopper and make a customer. With Lead Generation Solutions’ help, retailers can more competitively blend their online capability with their bricks and mortar customers.


A customer walking in the mall proposes to buy a few articles of clothing and asks for a 20% discount. The request is received and then checked against sales numbers, inventory, and current key business conditions and a counter-offer is made: 15%. Or the business may decide to offer a complimentary add-on product and sweeten the discount to 25%. When the customer is happy they walks to the register and the coupon is scanned from the phone itself. 


Perhaps dinner reservations for 8 are requested with a 15% discount at a restaurant. If the night is slow, the discount is given; if the house is full, perhaps a counter-offer of 10% is made. Everything is based on corporate approved algorithms so there is no concern of the individual store manager having to be involved or making unprofitable decisions. 


DiscountMyWay benefits both the retailer and the shopper. 

For Retailers:   


·         Increase sales


·         Improves the effectiveness of the advertising spend, provides immediate response to their advertising, and provides measurable results


·         Reach shoppers on mall floor while they are in a buying mode


·         Increase the sale of complimentary products


·         Move beyond general all-purpose ads as the system identifies shopper personal preferences and buying demographics to deliver targeted ads and discounts to engage the customer


·         Adjust offers based on real time business conditions


·         Increase the percentage of mall visitors that visit the store


For Shoppers:


·         Allow shoppers to propose a discount on what they want, when they want it


·         Real-time street market barter interaction while at the store


·         Get bigger discounts when buying with friends


·         Get the best deals in the mall in the palm of their hand